Illustration, Advertising


While working for Publicis Paris, I was assigned to their ‘Loft’ division — a nimble incubator with weekly turnover and deadlines, (almost charette-like). For the client Renault, the majority of the work was spread over social media content with some of the larger pieces being print-based. My role, (amongst other things) was to devise and design a print series detailing certain selling features of their car lineup: rear view camera, a play on the food chain in nature, Bose surround sound, a classroom with 4 teachers for you to hear better, and emergency brake system with the Titanic allowing the ship to avoid its impending collision. All pieces were intended to have a specific look to the illustration decided in advance.

Creative Direction: Yves-Eric Deboey
Copywriter: Catherine Berthommier
Art Direction/Design: Akbar Ahmad
Motion Design: Miranda Vandenitte


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