Hunting For Chestnuts

Last weekend Audrey’s mom and step-dad took us out looking for chestnuts in Marines, France, just outside of Paris. Mind you, I’ve never had a chestnut in my life, nor did I realize what they look like, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they look like the equivalent of Sonic the Hedgehogs.

Headed into the woods

Searching, 1st location no luck

I love the contrast of outfits from the high-visibility reflective jacket to the well-suited fur coat to match the surroundings.

2nd location — Jackpot!

Look how weird these things are!!

The best way not to get pricked was to rub them with you feet

Doing a taste test

Audrey found the biggest chestnut of them all

Hoping to keep logging more of these adventures, so stay tuned!


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