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I’m so very excited to present you this blog which I hope I will be diligent in updating — starting off great isn’t it… It’s going to cover a lot of bases: design, photography, videography, and mostly life lessons that I want to impart, or am currently going through. I’m basically taking up from where I left off from This is Thirty, a podcast I started with my two designer friends (now on temporary hold), raw thoughts/ off the cuff ideas.

Welcome to my jungle

Welcome to my jungle

A bit about myself — an Art Director/ Graphic Designer by trade, I’ve worked in advertising most of my career-life thus far. I moonlight as a photographer, something I’ve been trying to propel myself further into with projects like DSCRBD, video-portraits of creatives and influencers.

Stay tuned, I promise good things, and I’ll hopefully have implemented some way for you to subscribe when I post juicy content.


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