Good vs Good Enough

I was having a conversation about this not too long ago with my girlfriend. She was working late (as she often does) with preparation for her classroom the next day — a teacher’s life. The funny thing is she was getting wrapped up in the look and feel of this one document, which in my mind was one of two things, 1) a micro-procrastination, and 2) completely unnecessary. I was (unsuccessfully) trying to convince her to simply do what’s necessary to be able to move on and that way she can sleep on time and not be the zombie she is most of the time. And I mean that in a sincere, loving way.


My poor zombie gf, passed out within 10 minutes of a movie

This got me thinking of the way I approach a task — and it’s been very much streamlined from my career and past jobs in the agency realm. Very rarely do you have the time to make something great. What do I mean by this? I mean technically my output is all great (let’s be honest), but what I classify as really great is something that you have time to craft, analyze and grind weeks, months or years over. It’s a labour of love, something that takes a part of you to make. In reality, you never have this lush opportunity to wander and bask in this non-time-sensitive arena. Usually, we all have deadlines we need to hit, this means you have to do the best you can with the time you have.

Which brings me to good vs good enough, (with great not being an option in this scenario). I drew up a quick graph of quality over time of how I perceive I work. For the most part, getting to good is somewhat linear, but the time gap between good and good enough can be large: what I call the Bermuda Triangle of Productiveness. And as it happens all too often enough, when you get lost in the triangle, you might be making things worse by ruminating.


Good vs Good Enough

I think it takes a keen sense of really realizing and understand either your client or your final task at hand to comprehend whether spending the time to get to good is worth the investment, or whether your good enough, (which don’t get me wrong, should still be of quality), will be justifiable so you can carry on to other important tasks at hand. Like catching up Netflix…

So the next time you catch yourself getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle of Productiveness, check, is this good enough?


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